Why Compression Clothing Works in Soccer

The Stronger, The Better

For the last couple of years, I have been looking for compression shorts that support both the upper legs and the pelvis. The first prototype was developed about a year and a half ago and the reviews were already very positive. After thoroughly researching the product, I have now come to a point at which I want to share my findings with athletic trainers. My players at N.E.C. have not had a single groin or hamstring injury since they started wearing the shorts, which is why I am completely confident about their effectiveness. After carrying out several studies, I can now explain why they work.

Super Strong Shorts with a Compression Value of 45%

We have been developing the shorts together with Knap’man, a manufacturer of compression clothing, for the last year and a half. These shorts may revolutionize injury prevention. Existing compression clothing usually has a compression value of 10 to 15% at most. That wasn’t enough for me. Knap’man then developed extremely strong shorts with amazing results. Despite the strong compression, the shorts were no hindrance to the freedom of movement and my players did not want to train and play without them anymore.

How The Shorts Work
Research has shown that muscle vibrations lead to micro-damage in muscle fibers. These vibrations decrease when muscle groups are stabilized, which reduces the possibility of damage. This is a real boon for the prevention of hamstring and groin injuries, and it’s what makes these compression shorts so revolutionary compared to others. The high compression value enhances muscle support, but there is no hindrance to the freedom of movement.

Use In and Outside The Netherlands
Besides the players in the N.E.C. selection (who have not had any groin and hamstring injuries this season), athletes in different areas of sports have tested the shorts. For example, Bayer Leverkusen youth players have worn the shorts during every match and training session for a period of 4 months (they have also remained injury-free). Furthermore, the shorts are frequently used in the Dutch Premier League. Both Jasper Steens (Vitesse) and Gijs van der Bom (Willem II) recommend the shorts to their players.

Even FIFPro, the worldwide union of 65.000 soccer professionals, is very enthousiastic. Representatives from Asia, Russia, Africa and England attended a presentation on the shorts. Max Kramer (the owner of Knap’man) and I therefore hope that this enthousiasm will lead to extensive use of the shorts in the prevention of groin and hamstring injuries.

With sporty regards,

Han Tijshen, Chief Medical Officer at N.E.C.

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