The most comfortable and functional boxershort you would ever wear!
With over 10 years of experience, Knap'man created the most comfortable and functional boxershorts ever made!

Seamless 3D-production
Totally seamless to prevent chafing and irritation, garantues ensures a perfect compressive fit.

Patented compressionzones
The patented Knap'man 'Zoned Compression' technology ensures comfortable and subtile support.

Keep it fresh
Maxclima™️ fabrics ensures exceptional ventilation, optimal moisture regulation and built-in silver ions with anti-bacterial and anti-odour effects.

Innovative, seamless P-Pouch™️
The innovative, seamless pocket on the front of the boxer shorts provides the ultimate comfort for the noble parts: Liberate the private parts, subtle support and gives exeptional ventilation.

Ultimate freedom
The P-pouch™ lifts and supports your private parts with a velvet touch, keeping them clear of the thighs.

Super soft materials
The Ultimate Comfort Boxershort feels soft and pleasant to the skin. Thanks to the fine and light materials, the boxer shorts feel like a second skin.

Perfect Fit
The advanced 3D production technology guarantees a number of technical features, which ensures the ultimate comfort of wear and a perfect fit.




Professional athletes use Knap'man to perform better.

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Knap'man compression clothing is very effective in daily use.

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Athletic trainers recommend Knap'man to their patients.

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Revolutionary compression shorts with 45% compression.

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Professionals prevent injuries with Knap'man compression clothing

Alireza Jahanbakhsh uses Knap'man compression shorts to prevent hamstring injuries

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New reviews

Knap'man Compression Shorts  White - 45%

Knap'man Compression Shorts White - 45%

By: Carolien Filippo, 05-01-2016

"Up to now I’m very pleased with the compression shorts. I wear them for both training and competition. We haven’t been beaten yet and I’ve even scored in the first match that I wore the compression shorts in! But if this was thanks to the shorts…
In any case, they are comfortable to wear and I’m injury-free to date. I have no problems with my hamstrings (which is normally my main complaint) and I’m less stiff after the game."

Knap'man Women's Compression Pants Black - 25%

Knap'man Women's Compression Pants Black - 25%

By: Melissa, 17-09-2015

As fanatic runner, I’m very satisfied with the Knap’man compression wear. While running I wear the compression tights. I definitely notice the support given to my muscles.

Without the compression tights I always suffered with stiffness in the groin after running. Now that’s in the past.
While running I prefer to wear the compression tights because they support my lower legs and stimulate the blood circulation optimally. However, I do recommend the compression shorts as well.

The high compression value is an excellent development. It works a great deal better than shorts with less compression.

Recommended by

Mark Engberink

Professional soccer player at RKC Waalwijk

"Since this year I play for RKC Waalwijk. Unfortunately at the end of pre-season I injured my hamstring. This injury, that has troubled me before, is very aggravating. My agent (Wagelaar) recommended trying the Knap’man compression shorts.
When I tried the Knap’man compression shorts I felt an immediate difference in the pressure on my muscles during training due to the compression. I wear the compression shorts for every training and match and have been able to play a full and fit game since.”

Desiree van Lunteren

Soccer player at Ajax and Dutch national women's team

"I am very pleased with the compression shorts and would definitely recommend wearing them. I have less trouble from my groin and upper leg muscles. The playing season is a long one for me because the World Championships are coming up. The compression shorts are definitely going to aid me enormously."

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