Avoid Injuries with Knap'man

Knap'man compression clothing contains targeted compression zones with a unique compression value up to 45%. The high compression value enhances muscle support and stability and allows total freedom of movement.

Han Tijshen: "Research has shown that muscle vibrations lead to micro-damage in muscle fibers. These vibrations decrease when muscles are stabilized, which reduces the possibility of muscle damage. Great news for the prevention of groin and hamstring injuries. This is what makes our compression shorts revolutionary compared to others."

Avoid Injuries and Recover Faster
With Knap'man compression shirts

Neck pain

Knap'man compression shirts can help avoid neck pain by encouraging a correct posture of the body.

Back pain

The patented, targeted compression zones in the shirts encourage a correct, active posture, which in turn avoids a lot of physical complaints and injuries, such as back pain.

Lower back complaints

The compression shirts provide optimal back support and encourage a correct posture. This avoids complaints of the lower back.

Shoulder Problems

Shoulder problems will occur less frequently thanks to the optimal support of the compression shirts.


The targeted compression zones also support the abs which improves the core stability and will help reduce injuries.

Avoid Injuries and Recover Faster
With Knap'man compression shorts

Pelvis and Hip Joint

The compression shorts stabilizes the pelvis and hip joint which in turn can help to avoid complaints and injuries.

Gluteal Muscles

Avoid injury to the gluteal muscles due to optimal support from the compression shorts.

Hamstring Injury

The targeted compression zones give extra support to the key muscles, such as hamstrings. This helps to avoid hamstring injuries.


The compression shorts also offer support to the lower back and abs, thanks to the broad band at the upper side of the short. This improves core stability which in turn reduces complaints to the abdominal muscles.

Groin Injury

The compression shorts offer optimal stability and support to the muscles in the groin area. Muscle damage will occur less, which in turn avoids groin injuries.


Alireza Jahanbakhsh uses Knap'man compression shorts to prevent hamstring injuries

Soccer players have less injuries thanks to Knap'man compression clothing


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