The Knap'man Compression Shorts

Developed in collaboration with professional athletes, athletic trainers and sports physicians. Professional athletes and recreational athletes from all over the world use Knap'man to prevent injuries and speed up recovery.

The Knap'man zoned compression shorts are highly suitable for both recovery (especially 25% compression shorts) and injury prevention (especially 45% compression shorts).

Knap'man Zoned Compression Shorts
Ultimate Sports Performance

Patented Compression Zones

Patented, targeted compression zones follow the anatomy of the body.
Optimal support for quadriceps, hamstrings and groins.

45% Compression

Knap'man compression shorts provide up to 45% compression. Two to three times more compression than other brands of compression shorts.

Less Injuries

Optimal stability and support to the upper leg muscles due to the high compression value. This minimalizes muscle vibrations, which reduces energy loss and muscle damage.


Faster Recovery

Improved blood circulation in the muscles will help the muscles recover faster after training and competition and ensures less muscle soreness and muscle fatigue.

Optimal Freedom of Movement

The shorts provide optimal freedom of movement, despite the high compression value (up to 45%).

Perfect Fit

The advanced MaxClima™ fabric ensures exceptional comfort and a perfect fit.

25% or 45% Compression Shorts?

The Knap'man zoned compression shorts are available in two different variations: 25% and 45% compression.

The 45% compression short is most commonly used. The high 45% compression zones give extra stability and support to the upper leg muscles. Injuries will occur considerably less.

The 25% compression shorts are extremely suitable for use after physical activity or during travel. Wearing the 25% short will ensure a faster recovery after intensive activity.

Knap'man Compression Shorts 45%

Extremely Effective for Injury Prevention

Knap'man Compression Shorts 25%

Ensures Faster Recovery After Intensive Training


Knap'man Ladies Compression Shorts 45%

Knap'man Womenswear


Alireza Jahanbakhsh prevents hamstring injuries with Knap'man compression shorts

More stability > less muscle vibrations > less muscle damage > less injuries!

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