Reduce back pain?

Back injuries are mostly caused or aggravated by a wrong posture, repetitive work, overweight or working long periods in the same posture.
Knap'man compression clothing has a posture- and figure-enhancing effect and offers extra support to the muscles. 

Wearing Knap'man compression clothing can help reduce backpain considerably. A full workday is easier to manage and a back injury will not limit physical activities.

Recommended by

Gert van der Burg

Sport physiotherapist

I would like to share our first impressions of the Knap’man compression wear.

We were searching for quite some time for compression wear for use during sport where the strain on the muscles occurs in the core region, the combination of back muscles, abdomen muscles and the hip-gluteus maximus region.
Our positive experience with compression therapy for the lower leg and foot with compression stockings, with both a preventive effect and for use in the case of muscle injury, have lead to this search.
We have used Knap’man compression wear for a few of our patients who suffer from lower back complaints, where the pressure on the back causes problems during sport.
The sports played were golf and field hockey. The motivation for wearing compression clothing is mainly due to the improved blood circulation, the increase in stability given, the improved muscle stamina and the decrease in muscle pain.
These effects are known when wearing compression stockings and I can confirm that this is also the case for Knap’man compression wear.

Although, in the first instance, this clothing is referred to as figure-correcting, I am of the opinion that the positive effect on back strain should be definitely stated. Our patients reported experiencing an obvious decrease in fatigue in the core region during sport. They pointed out that they felt extra support in the lower back region which led to an improved posture. The good thermoregulation was also a positive quality.

We shall advise our patients with complaints in the core region to wear compression clothing during sport. Knap’man meets our demands for the correct clothing.

Recommended by

Jochen Habsch

Sport physician & Expert kinesio taping

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to test the properties of the new Knap’man shirt (in the past I have tested similar shirts by other brands). I noticed directly that the material of the shirt is of a very high quality, it is soft to the touch and comfortable.
The shirts are a perfect fit. The material is thin and therefore invisible under a polo shirt. The material retains its shape and form even after multiple washes.

Active properties
The posture-improving quality of Knap’man products is immediately evident. More so than by other brands.
In actual practice, I see a lot of pain complaints as a result of the wrong posture or the wrong use of the support and motion mechanisms of the body. This can lead to chronic pain. For example, disorders, such as a hernia, are often caused by the wrong use of muscles. By wearing Knap’man these complaints can be reduced.

The targeted compression zones in, for example, the back area, straighten the body up. As soon as the body diverts from the ideal posture, it receives a neurophysiological impulse with a similar reaction to that achieved by taping.

While wearing Knap’man compression clothing, the neurophysiological system is on a ‘learning curve’ so that the effects are even visible after a prolonged time. In addition, the compression clothing influences the overall coordination of the body in a positive way.

Of all the brands of compression wear tested to date, the Knap’man products have given the best results.

Physiotherapy and manual therapy can in daily life be complemented by wearing Knap’man compression clothing.

Extremely suited to correcting posture problems and to preventing damage to the support and motion mechanisms of the body over a long period.


Extra Support
avoids back injury

1Shoulders and Neck

Encourages a correct posture


2Between Shoulder Blades

Includes extra ventilation zones


3Centre Back

Improves core stability

4Lower Back

Encourages posture: straightens your back

5Pelvis and Hip Joint

Encourages a correct posture and stabilizes hip joint

'Built-in' Physical Therapy

The built-in targeted compression zones follow the anatomy of the body and the muscles, giving optimal support to the key muscles of the body.

These targeted compression zones encourage the correct posture of the body, which straightens your spine, opens your chest and keeps the shoulder blades in the correct position.
This is similar to the effect of physical therapy and (kinesio) taping.

A correct posture can prevent and reduce a lot of complaints or injuries, such as back injuries.

Knap'man Compression Shirts:
The Knap'man compression shirts are especially designed to prevent back injuries and speed up recovery.
Physical therapists and sports physicians were closely involved in the development of the shirts.

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